Monday, 23 April 2007

St Georges Day

It's St Georges Day today! But you'd never know it! I haven't seen anything like a flag or celebratory bunting anywhere - which I guess isn't too surprising as most folks here in England don't really celebrate their 'National Day' or even know when it is!

Unlike places like Australia and the US, our 'National Day' isn't a public holiday either although there's a campaign to get it recognised as such!

It's another example of the way in which we Englishmen feel disenfranchised - our national identity is eroded and we're even accused of being racist by not declaring that we're really 'British'! The Scot's, the Welsh, the Irish all have their national identities but the English, well no we don't.

There's also a move in Parliament to change the existing 'National Anthem' to something else - we're probably the only nation that sings the 'praises' of a person (The Queen) rather than the Country!

Sad day!