Saturday, 18 August 2007

Clare - update

It’s now over a month since Clare had her initial surgery in July – since then she’s made steady progress and has been down near to us to stay with one of her good friends, Sally, which was a great tonic for her.

After the results were available she was told that she needed some further surgery to remove a little more of the tissue ‘margin’ around the cancer – this was precautionary to make sure they had removed all the cancerous cells. She went in again on the 8th August and stayed overnight – although the surgery was less ‘sever’ and intrusive, the anaesthetic took some time to work through her system this time and she’s felt quite run-down and tired than after the first operation.

She has a further appointment this coming Tuesday to get the results but she called this morning to say that she’d received a letter with an ‘out-patient’ appointment with the Oncologist to assess and decide what ongoing treatment, if any, she will undergo.

So that’s where we are at the moment with fingers still firmly crossed that things will improve and the trauma of surgery will have all been worthwhile.

Clare is still recuperating at home and will be off work for a while yet; oh and just to add another dimension she learned a week or so ago that the Company she works for will soon be closing its operations in Keighley so she’ll be looking for a new job as soon as she’s fit enough.

As we all know, some times life deals you these bad ‘hands’ and Clare sure has had more than her fair share recently! So let’s hope those storm clouds part and the sun comes out in her life again soon!!