Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Signing off!

Well, its Wednesday and tomorrow at 5am we'll be heading to Heathrow Terminal 3 to get our Emirates flight to Dubai - we should get there around 7.30pm local time (thats 4 hours ahead of UK time, so around 3.30pm for most of you!)

We're staying there for 3 nights and leave for Sydney on Sunday arriving there on Monday morning at around 6am where I think Andrew will be waiting to meet us (probably plus one or two of the younger members of the family who are usually VERY early risers!!)

We have a few last minute things to do today( like signing our new Wills!!) and having a 'final' meal out with friends this evening and then I guess it will be early to bed as we'll be up at 4am - YUK!

So I'm going to sign off here for a few months - and wake up my 'sleeping' Aussie Blog which you'll find at:

So if you've nothing better to do and want to know what we're up to, just pop in to see us! I can't exactly put the kettle on but you'll be very welcome, nonetheless!

Now where DID I put my book of useful Aussie phrases? I guess you'll see a few of those over the next few months, no worries mate!