Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Well things seem to be settling down now after the sadness of the past few weeks – Shirley’s step-mum Winnie seems to be ok and we popped down to Rainham to take her out to lunch last week. She also seems to have everything under control in the aftermath of the funeral etc. so we are less concerned than we were; Shirley calls her every other day to say ‘hi’ and have a natter.

Spring has arrived at last! Actually it’s been VERY warm these past few days with temperatures in the low 70’s – I heard on the news this morning that yesterday the warmest place in the UK was Nottingham at 77 degrees!! Now that IS warm for early May! I don’t think the birds and bees and the trees know what is going on – it was still quite unseasonably COLD only last week!!

Now here’s some really GREAT news!

Andrew’s company, tda Interiors has just ‘won’ an award as the 6th fastest growing ‘starter’ business in Australia – actually he says they got the numbers wrong and he thinks they should have come 4th!!

The prestigious award is an annual thing sponsored by BRW, Australia’s influential and leading business magazine – it’s under their Fast Starters 2008 programme. Andrew and James are featured in an article in the current edition – exciting stuff huh!!

Well done the 'tda team'!!

Oh and whilst on a similar topic, the UK Times last week produced their 'Rich List' for 2008 - and I'm proud to say that I know PERSONALLY, no less than 2 guys on the List; one is No. 40 and the other joint 777th with a comparitively modest worth of only £90m!! So you can maybe guess what the guy at 40th place is worth!! Yes, it has a 'bn' after the number!!

I'm already writing the begging letters!!