Thursday, 13 November 2008

Ready to roll!

Well here we go again - all packed up and ready (almost) to roll!

A few last minute things still to attend to; disconnect the car battery, read the electricity meter and put those last few 'personal' bits and bobs away into what we now call the 'store room' aka what used to be the dining room!

Our bags are packed, labelled and ready to go - I've already checked-in online with BA so we have seat reservations and boarding cards; then it's the Fast Bag Drop at Heathrow and we're all set!

So au revoir everyone - we'll see you again in just a few months or so.

I'm signing off my UK Blog now and if you have time, inclination or just want to know what we're doing, just check in to my Aussie Blog - the link is to the right here.