Sunday, 8 November 2009


Well, it’s Sunday – and probably our last one (at least for a while) in England. Wow that sounds soooo weird and more than a little scary too!

So Shirley’s cooking a Sunday roast and Clare, John and the boys are coming over for the feast – plus I expect we’ll crack open a bottle or two of something.

It’s been (and still is) a rollercoaster few weeks what with making plans to pack up and head Downunder again – we’ve done it before of course but this time it’s different and it feels that way too and quite unsettling which I guess is not surprising. We’ve been avid travellers across the Globe for so long that getting on a plane to some far-away place has never really fazed us but THIS time……….!

We’re still in the Aussie Visa queue of course but hopefully we should be at the front of it in January when we’ll get ‘assessed’ – so we’ve our fingers crossed that they’ll actually have us!! But we decided some time ago to bite the bullet and make plans to leave the UK – so that will be Thursday and for who knows how long! We have Visitors Visas for a few months so we’ll play it by ear.

We’ve started the packing up process and my car is at the Docks ready to load into a container and get shipped. We’re hoping too that our house sale will get sorted out before we leave so its fingers, toes and eyes and everything else crossed that any remaining legal issues in the ‘sale chain’ get resolved quickly – watch this space!!

I actually packed my suitcase a week ago just so that I could see what I was taking with me – and more importantly what is going to get put into storage here until we’re ready to receive it, once (and if!) our Visas get approved hopefully in a few months time.

It’s an opportunity too for another clear out of all those things which you keep, thinking that maybe one day they’ll come in useful – but never do! And clothes not worn for months or even years – they don’t fit anyway although we think we’ll maybe get to lose a few pounds and we’ll squeeze into them again! I’m sure everyone has draws and cupboards full of such things, don’t they!! But it sure does concentrate the mind when you’re going to pack them up and ship them 10, 000 miles to the other side of the World in a somewhat warmer climate!!

We’ve a few challenges yet ahead of us this week – the glutton for punishment that I am, I undertook some time ago to organise a big Lodge meeting and event for Tuesday, two days before our departure and slap bang in the middle of moving out of here!!

So while Shirley and the removal guys will be here wrapping and packing, I’ll be getting into my suit and heading off for my last Lodge meeting!! I bet you can guess how that’s gone down at home, can’t you – yes m’lud, guilty as charged!!

But Shirley bless her is, as always, very supportive; I’m a lucky guy.

So it won’t be long now before I switch back to my Aussie Blog and although my Blogs here haven’t been as regular as I would have liked, I hope everyone has been following my ‘Tweets’ which I’ve linked in to the UK Blog. I’m going to redesign the Aussie Blog as soon as I get time with a similar Twitter link so again, watch this space.

Now, back to the packing!!!