Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Back to Blighty!

Just a 'jetlagged' quickie to let everyone know that we arrived safely at Heathrow around 1215 local time - sadly one of our bags (actually Shirley's) didn't make the transfer at Dubai so here we are at 5.30pm waiting for it to be delivered here by courier!!

We also had some bad news on arriving home - Shirley's Father had a major seizure in the early hours this morning and very sadly passed away only a few hours before we landed; he was 88 years old and had been in somewhat 'fragile' health over the past year or so. I know you always 'expect' these things to happen someday but it's always a shock when it does isn't it?

We'll be travelling down to Kent to see Winnie tomorrow morning and try to help with organising everything.

Anyway we just wanted everyone to know we had returned safely - I'll post something more once the jetlag has worn off!