Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Dear Old England

I guess that I should say that it's good to be back - but since we landed life has been kind of hectic and challenging! And to cap a rather gloomy couple of weeks, some nice guy - who apparently fell asleep! - in the car behind me last Friday and crashed into the back of my car!!

All that plus the very gloomy UK Housing and Mortgage markets, rising food and petrol prices and a chilly blast from April Showers make us wish we were somewhere else! Except of course many of these gloomy items affect everyone whether they live in the US, Australia, Timbuktoo or here - in short most are Global problems and we can't escape them!!

But maybe like we've always done we have to adjust our lives and lifestyle to cope - after all isn't that what everyone has to do in such circumstances? Anticipating or at least responding to changing circumstances is what life in the real world is all about!!

And it's always been that way, hasn't it?

By comparison with folks like our parents, we've been very lucky with our lives haven't we?

So as a bit of 'escapism', I watched the TV last night - Manchester United playing the second leg of the semi final of the Champions League against Barcelona in the 'Theatre of Dreams' aka Old Trafford. What a match! The result? Well if you haven't heard it was 1-0 to United which means there is an all English Final of the Champions League in Moscow in 3 weeks time - Chelsea and Liverpool play the second leg of the other semi final later tonight.

But I just KNOW that Craig Woodburn will be up watching the match live from Colloroy!! I'm sure he has absolutely NO DOUBT that Liverpool will win!!

We'll see, Craig!