Monday, 21 July 2008

Decisions, decisions!

Just every now and again, I guess not too often but occasionally, you make what could be described as a ‘life-changing’ decision; sometimes, one which has quite far reaching implications but one which makes you grasp an opportunity which life brings every so often.

So here it is - Shirley and I have decided to leave these shores and migrate permanently to Australia; IF they’ll have us, that is!

I guess for some of you that wont come as some great surprise as we’ve spent an increasing amount of time ‘Downunder’ every year but we’ve come to very much enjoy and appreciate the Aussie lifestyle since first setting foot there in 2001 when we stopped over for a few weeks on our Round-the-World trip.

Subsequently Andrew and Sue married and set up home there with their family and we’ve enjoyed watching the children grow and flourish – they are all Aussie citizens now of course! Plus we’ve made some very good friends there over the past year or so and they’ve helped to make us feel very much ‘at home’ whenever we visit.

We’re not 'running away' from England although we’re finding like so many others that the place just isn’t what it used to be, if you know what I mean? It’s changed so much in recent years in so many ways, sadly we think for the worst. I love England and I guess I always will.

But we want to look for and find happiness and a ‘better quality of life’ in a place where we’ll probably spend the rest of our lives, God willing!

Obviously we’ve thought long and hard about this – we’ll be moving a long way away from lots of family and friends here in the UK but the world is a much smaller place these days so I’m sure we won’t lose touch with anyone. Also, we realise that with the gloomy UK economic situation contrasting as it does at the moment with the apparently ‘buoyant’ Australian scene, we could have maybe chosen a better time; but whatever, we’ve decided to go.

We’ve already made flight reservations and plans for our ‘regular’ trip in November and unless anything unexpected happens, we’ll be back in the UK in April, as usual – so I’m afraid that you won’t get rid of us permanently THAT quick!

But we’ve begun the process of applying for permanent Aussie visas, which we’re told could take anything up to 2 years or so; we’re actually in no particular hurry so we’ll wait if necessary to try and find a buyer for our ‘pad’ at a good price, fingers and toes crossed!

So there it is – as I’m always saying, in life you should ‘seize the moment’ and not reach that fateful ‘final day’ in your life, looking back and telling yourself …………'I wish I had….'.

For sure, it’s just too late then!