Sunday, 27 July 2008


We enjoyed a nice sunny couple of days with our good friends Diana and Chris Lally by the ‘sea-side’ in Aldwick Bay, near Bognor Regis last week – it was good to smell the sea air and the warmth of the sun on our skins again!!

We’ve known Diana and Chris for a long time and when the kids were very young, we holidayed together mostly down in the West Country, Devon and Cornwall – rain and shine! OMG we had some wet days in tents!!

The kids are grown up now of course – they have two boys in their mid/late 30’s and one, Richard who with his lovely wife Pippa now have three boys; Tom, Sam and baby Max, a really great family! Richard is one of those guys called ‘House-husbands’ – he’s the main child bringer upper and carer and Pippa is the main wage-earner as a GP.

I’m sure the boys have an amazing upbringing with their Dad and living right on the beach at nearby Pagham they learn so much about so many things. Richard is an expert windsurfer so he’s always out in the bay either on his board or canoe so the kids enjoy an exciting outside life.

We had a nice day out mooching around the lovely town of Chichester on Saturday and in the evening enjoyed a nice meal out at a local pub cum restaurant – the food was yummy!

Before heading back home on Saturday we walked down to Pagham Beach and sat by the Pagham Yacht Club watching the calm sea and the sailing club getting ready for a race – the club overlooks one of the sites where the D-Day landings were prepared and there’s still a partially sunken part of a Mulberry Harbour about a mile offshore. The rest of the ‘mobile’ harbour was towed across the English Channel of course and played such an important part in the D-Day landings in Normandy.

There’s a plaque on a rock on the pebbly beach which records the event.

Pagham is one of those quaint English seaside places; it’ll never lose its unique appeal and although it’s much quieter than Bognor Regis just a few miles distant, that’s really part of its secret!

As always, a wonderful couple of days with good company, good food and SUNSHINE!