Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Worthless paper

Um, no I haven't forgotten about our old friend Robert Gabriel - just musing that it wont be too long now before he gets what's coming to him; despite the current EU ban on travel, I'm sure a flight to UN International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague will be arranged!

So meantime, here's news of the new Zimbabwean banknote - one hundred billion dollars; or around 50 pence to you and me!! I think it'll just about buy a loaf of bread at today's prices - and then tomorrow (yes, literally tomorrow!), well with an inflation rate like they have, who knows?!!

So we all need to know the new 'language' of big numbers - just in case Gordon Brown slips up with the UK economy!

  • Quadrillion: 15 zeros
  • Quintillion: 18 zeros
  • Sextillion: 21 zeros
  • Septillion 24 zeros

  • OMG!