Thursday, 7 August 2008


Some days, Mother Nature stops by to remind us that she's never very far away!

Last night on the way back from seeing Winnie in Kent, we stopped off at our old friends Steve and Sue Weatherley for a curry and natter which was nice - we left their place at around 9pm just as the rain started; it had been a very humid day so I guess storms were not unexpected!

Sue was talking about her conversation with their daughter 'Angel' that morning who lives with her husband Will in Hong Kong where they were apparently in the middle of a Typhoon - so storms were very much a topic of conversation!

Anyway we'd only gone about a mile when the heavens literally OPENED and a deluge of rain swamped everything! There was thunder and lightning, both the sheet and forked varieties, plus torrential rain like you thought the world was going to be washed away!!

We crept along the M25 for about 15 miles or so peering through the gloom until suddenly, quite suddenly, it stopped and the road was completely DRY!!

Well I guess it has to start and end raining somewhere doesn't it!! When we got home at around 10pm Wokingham obviously hadn't seen a drop of rain anywhere during the day!!

Oh how we just LOVE the English summer!!

And then this morning I was idly surfing and looking at the Sydney online newspapers to see what was happening Downunder - it's mid winter there of course; but not winter like WE know it!!

A nasty storm hit Sydney yesterday too - witness the rather dramatic photo above!

Apparently temperatures plummeted and at Woolongong, south of Sydney they even had SNOW - which is quite a rare event in NSW outside of the 'snow resorts' of the Snowy Mountains!

Weird weather, the world over!