Friday, 22 June 2007

Christmas in July!

Now here’s an interesting thing!

The high point of winter celebrations in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney is Christmas in July, around which the winter-long Yulefest has evolved when the hills come alive with the sound of carols and roaring fireplaces — and great tucker — to banish the winter chill!

That’s all because in the Southern Hemisphere, winter takes place in the months of June, July and August; December — and Christmas — occur in the summer.

In a country where Christmas takes place in the summer, it seemed only a matter of time before people started enjoying the spirit and the trappings of Christmas in the middle of the Australian year — which is when it's winter in Australia.

Rumour has it that it all began only in 1980 when a group of Irish visitors, visiting the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney during the Australian winter, saw snowflakes dancing in the wind, and felt celebrating Christmas in the summer didn't quite feel the same.

So was born Christmas in July — with Christmas decorations, snowmen, carols, roast dinners of turkey, ham and mince pies with plum pudding, and yes! Snow too!

Oh and for the rest of us enjoying the (wet ‘n windy) June in England, its only 186 days to our Christmas or 16,070,400 seconds or 267,840 minutes or 4464 hours or simply around 26 weeks!!

……………, although its still a little early, a very Happy Christmas-in-July to all our Aussie family and friends!! Ho, ho, ho!