Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Some not so good news.......

It’s not really been a ‘good news’ day today.

Clare had an appointment at Airedale Hospital – she found a small lump in her left breast a while ago and had a biopsy taken last week; today she found out the results.

She has what they call a ‘Ductal carcinoma in situ’ or simply for short DCIS; it’s a cancerous situation of course and in Clare’s case it’s considered ‘High Grade’ which obviously carries more risk.

We talked to her a couple of times since this morning and naturally we’re all very concerned but after the initial shock had worn off, she seems very positive. She’s had explained what the condition is and how it can be treated – I also found this very helpful website which explains the issues more fully for us as well.


The good news is that they’ve found it and it can be successfully treated so at this stage the prognosis seems to be good. We are all praying to God for a successful outcome.

Clare will be admitted into Airedale Hospital on 4th July for surgery and hopefully will be out in a few days after that – Shirley is intending to travel to Keighley to be with her and give her whatever extra support she needs. Clare’s partner, John is of course with her and is helping with all her physical and emotional needs – he really is and has been a tower of strength to her throughout.

Coincidentally she, John and the boys are coming down on Friday this week to see Andrew, Sue and the kids before they go back to Australia on Sunday, so it will be nice to see her and give her a real hug.