Friday, 29 June 2007

Newsflash! Aussie population

AUSTRALIA's population has reached an estimated 21 million.

The milestone is thought to have been achieved about 9.32pm and 58 seconds (AEST) today, according to an online clock operated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that estimates the country's resident population.

The estimate calculates an increase of one person every one minute and 45 seconds by averaging one birth every one minute, 56 seconds; one death every three minutes, 59 seconds; and a net gain of one international migrant every three minutes and 15 seconds.

Australia's population passed the 20 million mark in December 2003, according to ABS data.

It was not immediately clear who was the 21 millionth Australian - a baby or a migrant - or where they might be.

.....................but WE know who they are, don't we!?

They are pictured right here with the family!

G'day to our good friends Downunder, Jon and Lin Price - Australia's newest citizens!!