Saturday, 7 June 2008

Freddie rules! Yeah!

We headed out with the 'gang' (Tim, Val, John, Jo, Brian, Norma and Steve) last night - it was one of those old band 'tribute' acts which we go to from time to time; last night it was Queen or to be more precise, a guy trying (sadly not very successfully) to be Freddie Mercury!!

Still, we had a nice meal before the entertainment and the wine was flowing (as always!) so as the evening wore on, the quality of the act didn't really matter - and besides the piped backing music was the original REAL Queen music so if you closed your eyes you could just imagine it was Freddie himself!

And soon everyone was boogyin' like crazy - dancing to all the great songs, Radio Gaga, Fat Bottomed Girl and all those great hits, with all the animation and gyrations you could imagine and lots of 'air guitars' of course - YEAH!

Whether you liked Queen or not, Freddie was such an exceptional performer wasn't he?

And we still all miss him, don't we?