Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Wish we were there?

We know the NSW coast between Mona Vale and Palm Beach very well and have a number of favourite spots to watch the sea and just 'chill out'.

When we're back in England we always keep up with the local Aussie news through the online edition of the Manley Daily - a free paper delivered 5 days a week across the Northern Beaches; yesterday it had this photo:

Yes, it's a single humpback whale which the Manley Daily says 'was certainly in a hurry to get to a warmer destination yesterday but had time to thrill onlookers with a majestic display of tricks just off the Heads.

Graham Lloyd of Palm Beach Ferry Service spotted the creature as he headed back up the coastline and took this picture."I tracked it all the way from the heads to just off Mona Vale Beach she put on quite a show," Mr Lloyd said.

"She was travelling quite quickly, approximately nine knots ... maybe she was trying to catch up to a pod, or just trying to get to the warmer waters quicker for some funny business."

The annual humpback migration provides enthusiasts and tourists alike with the chance to experience relatively close contact with these majestic mammals of the deep.

"These animals really are something that everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime," Mr Lloyd said.

Whale watchers believe that the ban on commercial whaling is having a positive effect on the humpback whale population, and they are expecting record numbers this year'

........wonderful, huh?

Even though it's winter-time Downunder there we still wish we could share the thrill of the whales on the move!