Monday, 23 June 2008

Proud Godfather!

Now here's a nice photo, don't you think?

It's our Godaughter Christina and me!

We scooted up the motorway to Leicester on Saturday to attend a party to celebrate our good friend Bettina’s 60th birthday!

It was a great occasion attended by her daughter (and our Goddaughter!) Christina, us and a whole host of Leicester friends – mostly Portuguese! And what a wonderful party it was too!

And the food – well wow! I don’t think I’ve seen a spread like it – all prepared and served up by Bettina and her friends Paula, Jorge and Sandra with help from numerous others who pitched in with a dish or two.

On a diet maybe? Well just forget it!! The food was absolutely delicious!! So now I’m fasting again to try to lose the naughty pounds I put on in just a few hours!

We stayed with Bettina overnight and helped clear up before helping ourselves to some ‘left-over’s’ – yes, you guessed it; naughty again!!

But it was nice to see some old faces again after so long – Mario, Shirley’s old boss from when she and Bettina worked together hairdressing and some of their colleagues, Louise, Jackie and Alison with their husbands respectively Neal, Paul and Craig – I think they all at some time used to ‘baby-sit’ for us when we lived in Leicester in the early 1980’s; they thought we lived in such a big, posh house!

They don’t seem to have changed a bit – but then again NONE of us have, huh?