Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Hey I'm famous - well, maybe

I just discovered something weird - nothing new in that I hear you say; weird things always seem to stick to weird people!!

Yes, yes, - ok to be serious now.

I was just looking at my Blog and that new 'thingy' I included a while back which shows (or says it shows) who's been looking at my Blog; well not precisely who, just where they come from and also where they came from web-wise (i.e. the last page they looked at before hitting my Blog.

Are you still with me?

Anyway there was a 'sign' that someone from Maryland, USA had arrived at my Blog from a site called Skeptical Science - so I went there myself only to find my original Blog posting on the site!! Plus would you believe, a link back to my Blog itself!!

I have no idea who put it there but maybe it's a site which just trawls the Internet looking for 'skeptical' items about Global Warming - go there and see for yourself; it's quite fascinating.

Did I say weird? Maybe I should say VERY WORRYING!!

I think I'd better watch what I post in future!!