Friday, 6 June 2008

So, what's a-foot?!

Well, the dreaded day in Shirley's calendar is almost on us!

As you'll probably know, she has been unable to put a shoe on and walk for any distance because of a problem with the bones in her feet caused through years of standing for long periods of time; the problem of her broken foot/ankle a year or so ago was an entirely unrelated thing!

On Monday she goes into the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading to have her right foot 'fixed' - for the not-too-squeamish this involves physically breaking some bones in her foot and realigning them!!

Hopefully she wont be in for too long; maybe a couple of days. So I'm expecting to be a busy-bee for the next few weeks, running around, shopping, cooking, houseworking etc. and generally being at hand as she recovers!

I cant wait!!!!